Ryan Partnership, Westport, CT   |   Feb.1994 – April 1998

Art Director

  • Designed marketing and promotional materials for assigned clients including Pepsico, Heineken USA, Timberland, Nabicso, BF Goodrich and Norelco.
  • Developed and delivered concept and new business presentations.
  • Lead a team assigned to develop a presentation to Lucas Film on behalf of Pepsico. The presentation developed under a very tight schedule resulted in a contract between Lucas Film and Pepsico as well as new business for the agency.
  • Designed point-of-sale for James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies that set a Heineken USA record for promotional sell through.
  • Created successful Super Bowl promotion for Nabisco Ritz Crackers featuring John Madden.

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Bond-Standee-1The Standee for Heineken USA's promotion tie in to the James Bond Film Tomorrow Never Dies. The small green gift bag was a pocket that contained a series of postcards with images from the movie and an opportunity to purchase special Heineken spy gadgets.

The challenge from Heineken USA was to create a single display for St. Patrick's Day that featured Heineken and the Murphy's brands. Rather than force the two brands together, a three sided display was created to focus on the traits of each brand that fit the holiday.
Bfg-Low-RiderBF Goodrich's monochromatic style formed the basis for this Low Rider promotional header card. Side pieces offered the chance to win $10,000 and a feature article in Low Rider magazine. Consumers could also order a free 8x10 of their car done BF Goodrich style.
Star Wars1-1Created for Pepsico's initial presentation to Lucas Film for the re-release of the original Star Wars movies, two end-aisle stacks of Star Wars themed packaging and an aisle spanner display were assembled in the conference room at Skywalker Ranch.
Star Wars1-2
Pepsi end aisle display for the re-release of the original Star Wars Trilogy.
TailgateTailgating was an ongoing promotional theme for Mr. and Mrs. T drink mixes. This made a sweepstakes to win a trip for four - with game tickets - to a Super Bowl tailgate party a must.