BIC USA INC, Shelton, CT   |   Feb. 1999 – July 2009

Brand Graphics Leader, Promotions

  • Delivered the brand message to trade and consumer audiences for a global manufacturer of writing instruments, lighters and shavers. 
  • Successfully grew the brand and expanded the role of Brand Graphics Leader. 
  • Delegated work to design support staff, in-house photography, print procurement and outside agencies as needed.
  • Managed over 300 internal projects annually resulting in a significant reduction in outside agency expenses. 
  • Created award winning trade advertising.
  • Produced videos for national sales meetings and customer sales presentations.
  • Designed and oversaw production of catalogs.

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As a first step into social media BIC Stationery chose to create a YouTube channel featuring classic commercials of the 1960s and 1970s. I was responsible for creating the channel, selecting and processing the videos as well as writing the copy.

This video concept for the launch of the the BIC Triumph Roller was not selected for final production (see below.) Created in Final Cut I designed, wrote, edited and supplied the voiceover for this project.

The final video for the internal launch of the BIC Triumph Roller was created in Final Cut. In addition to design, writing and editing, I directed the production of CGI animations of the product. This video was created for internal use only and the appearance of certain individuals should not be construed as an endorsement of the product.

In 2008 BIC Comfort 3® Advance® ran an on-pack promotion featuring college basketball (see video below). They followed that in 2009 with college football. This video was created to recap the 2008 results and present the new promotion to the BIC sales force. I designed, wrote, edited and produced this project using Final Cut.

Shimmer-Med-1This video was created for the internal launch of the Soleil Shimmer Shaver at BIC's National Sales Meeting. It was created using Flash CS3 and Final Cut Express. I executed every aspect of the project including copy, sourcing stock footage, and creating the final DVD presentation in iDVD. (This file has been compressed considerably from the original)
Bball Dvd-MedCreated for the National Sales Meeting, this video was intended to introduce the sales force to the Comfort 3® Advance® college basketball premium promotion. It was created using PhotoShop and iMovieHD. I managed and built this project from story board through the final DVD presentation. (This file has been compressed considerably from the original)
Flash web animation for monthly product feature on corporate web I created this animation for the BIC Soleil System shaver using Flash CS3 and available imagery.
Bic-Instant-Messaging"Instant Messaging" was targeted at a teen girl audience to increase awareness for BIC Velocity ball pens and mechanical pencils. I created the concept for the ad, as well as copy-writing, model selection, directing photography, retouching and mechanical production. The ad appeared in Cosmo Girl, Teen People, Elle Girl, 17, J14 and Twist.
"Today I Am" was created to advertise BIC's new line of Gel Intensity pens with fun foam grips and was targeted at tween and teen girls. The ad appeared in Teen People, Comso Girl, Elle Girl, 17, Nickelodeon andGirl's Life.

I created the concept for the ad, as well as copy-writing, model selection, directing photography, retouching and mechanical production.
"Life is Big Write Large" was created using stock photography to advertise BIC's XXL Ball Pen. Targeted at teen and tween boys, it ran in Teen People, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nickelodeon and Boy's Life.

I created the concept for the ad, as well as copy-writing, photo selection, retouching and mechanical production.
Duo Launch KitThe title "A tale of Two Pens" was created from our "We put a new twist on a classic" tag-line. "A tale of Two Pens" is the sales and press kit for BIC DUO, a combination ball pen and highlighter that changes function with a twist. In addition to developing the tag-line and title, I developed the concept for the kit structure, wrote the copy and designed all the graphics.
ShopaaShopabThe School, Home and Office Products Association SHOPA Show was BIC’s largest yearly trade show effort. I worked closely with the exhibit company to create a space that was geared toward working sessions between the sales teams and buyers attending the show. I was also responsible for the graphic presentation of the booth and on-site direction of the final decoration.
Flick-ThisBorn-To-Ride-1"Flick This" and "Born to Ride" Presented the new American Cycles lighter series to the trade through publications such asConvenience Store News and Tobacco Outlet Retailer. In addition to concept development and copy I chose stock images that conveyed both a strong attitude and a bit of fun.
Lighter-Ad-Cuffs"Gift With Purchase" was part of a BIC campaign against cheaper, low-quality, imported lighters that were eroding sales. The Objective was to remind retailers of the consequences they could face for selling an unsafe lighter.
Gripper PackagingThe launch kit and sales sample kit for the BIC Gripper lighter and case was designed to focus on the unique pattern of the case's rubber grip. Economies of the printing set-up allowed us to produce kits to match four of the case colors
BackboardBackboard graphics for a college intramural basketball tournament featuring the BIC Comfort 3 triple blade shaver.
C3-Women-AdThis women's magazine ad was produced on a very tight timeline, with less than 24 hours from the start of the project to the mechanical going out the door. The ad did a good job of conveying the message of comfort and the coupon had a higher than average redemption than the publication's average.
Shaver CatalogFor 2005 the Shaver division wanted a catalog that stood out from the usual. The relatively small number of products compared to the Lighter and Stationery groups allowed me to explore many options in form and style. The final result was a spiral bound "board book" inspired by several books in my five-year-old's collection.
BiccornerThe BIC Corner asset management site was developed to provide a resource for external and internal users who needed images of BIC product packaging as well as logos and selling material. The home page was designed as a point of entry to an asset management site based on existing software.
Delta-GripThe introduction of Delta Grip into Sheaffer's everyday line was the beginning of Sheaffer's campaign to make the luxury writing instrument more relevant to a younger consumer.
PreludeThe introduction of new finishes and trim to the Prelude line, part of Sheaffer's White Dot luxury pen collection, was a continuation of the campaign to move young upscale consumers into the luxury pen category.
ErgoSheaffer acquired the Ergo brand. A unique writing instrument ergonomically designed design to fit the hand. Ergo was available for both left and right handers.